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If you've had a recent brush with the law and are considering hiring an attorney to help with your legal troubles, turn to John E. Bach Attorney at Law. Our law office will help you completely understand all the legal jargon and charges brought against you, as well as help you explore all of your options. We'll always be your advocate in the courtroom.
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Experienced Attorney

Our attorney, John E. Bach, has had over 30 years of experience representing people like you. With these decades of experience, he is clearly a competent lawyer who you can count on. He'll always provide the support and guidance you need when you're going through tough times. John aims to provide professional and quality legal representation. With him by your side, you'll always have a voice in court.
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An attorney with many specializations is an indication of excellence, as it takes dedication to learn all the areas of law. John specializes in real estate law, family law, real property litigation, wills and estates, and more. Not only does he have specializations in many areas, he is also a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney, something that is hard to find. When you need someone to lean on, count on John E. Bach Attorney at Law to be at your side.

Attorney Background

John first graduated from St. John’s University in, Flushing, New York in 1969 with a BA in History, then served in the United States Army from December 1969 to September 1971. He then got an early out from the army in order to attend Albany Law School in Albany, New York. He then graduated from Albany Law School in June 1974 and was admitted to practice in 1975. He first practiced with two other attorneys but went on to open his own practice in Goshen, New York on November 1st, 1976.
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